2014    News

Jan. 23-25 Ch Envy  makes her agility debut in AKC with Q in Std. & JWW NDTC           

                Trial Franklin, Tn

Feb. 27-Mar.2 Envy Q in JWW & finish NA title at GSPCA trial Murfreesboro,Tn

Mar. 2 Secret finishes MXJ title at GSPCA trial in Murfreesboro, Tn

Mar. 2  Favor finishes her MXS (Master Agility Silver) title 

Feb.27, 28, Mar 2 Favor has a perfect agility weekend! 6/6/ ! Well on her way to    

                MACH 2!

March 2  Favor finishes MSX ( Master Silver Agility) title GSPCA trial Murfreesboro, Tn

March 22-23 Envy finishes JS-N title at TNASC  trial Chattanooga, Tn

March 22-23 Favor finishes RS-E-OP and JS-E-OP (Outstanding Performance in both Elite Standard and Elite Jumpers) TNASC trial Chattanooga, Tn

March 28- April 4-  USASA Nationals Purina Farms Gray, Summit, Mo 

    Choca- MVA Qualifier with Qualifying scores in herding, agility, rally, obedience              

    Choca - finishes her RN Title

    Choca - finishes her HSAd Title

    Envy- Finish NAJ title &  first Open Std. Q

    Favor- Q in 5 of 8 agility runs & 45 points to MACH 2

April12-13- Flicka finishes ASCA STDc Title and 1 Open leg in Sheep and Ducks

                handled by David Clayton, Trial at Pincie Creek, Dothan, Al

May 2-       Flicka finishes OTDc with scores of 103 and 95 under judges Betty Williams and Dana MacKenzie at Working ASC of Ga. trial

May 2-       Flicka finishes OTDd with scores of 107 and 101 under judges Betty Williams and Dana MacKenzie at Working ASC of Ga trial

May 3-       Choca finishes OTDc with scores of 102 and 91 under judges Dana MacKenzie and Betty Williams WASC of GA Calhoun, Ga.

May 3-        Choca finishes her VCH (versatility championship) by getting OTDc

WASC of GA. Calhoun,Ga

May 25-       Envy finishes her ASCA RN title with a 196X leg at MSASC Murfreesboro,Tn

May 26-       Envy finishes her ASCA RS-N title at MSASC Murfreesboro, Tn

May 26-       Secret finishes her ASCA JS-E title at MSASC Murfreesboro, Tn

June 27        Flicka finishes OAJ title in Evansville, In

June 28        Envy finishes OA title in Evansville, In

July10          Favor finishes MXJG (Master Jumper Gold) 75 Q's in JWW  

August 16     Flicka gets RATI and 2 legs on her RATN, both 2nd place, in her first Barn Hunt Trial  at Happy Dog Ranch.        

September 21 Flicka finishes AXJ at GSPCMTN  Franklin, Tn and 2 MX legs

October 3      Secret finishes MX at NDTC Franklin, Tn and QQ #5 (352 points)

                    Favor gets QQ #20 and 76 points to MACH 2

October 11    Flicka finishes PT title

October 12    Flicka get AKC Started Sheep leg with 80.5, 2nd place

October 18    Flicka finishes RATN Title

October 19    Flicka gets RATO leg, 2nd place

November 12 Choca delivers 6 puppies: 4 male 2 female,  2RMM, 1 BTM, 1 RTM

                   1 BTF 1 RTF  ( on Nov. 16 the RTF passed)

November 30  Flicka finishes RATO title  at Happy Dog Ranch


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