2017   News

January 14-15     Heat's first ASCA agility trial. WASC of Georgia in Chattanooga

                         Finish JS-N, GS-N, and 15 pts. RS-N

January 20-22      FLPHASC  Baker, Florida   Heat took WD all 4 shows, BOW 3 shows,

                         BOS #2 under Ann DeChant, and BOB #4 under Sharon Sparks

                         Andrea Hoffmann and David Clayton handling/ 3 mjr. & 13 pts.

January 29           Secret gets QQ #14 at the NDTC agility trial in Franklin

March 2-5            GSPCA agility trial in Murfreesboro

                          Heat finishes OA & OAJ  /  Secret gets QQ #15 & #16

March 10              Heat takes BOB for a 5 pt. mjr. at the Music City Cluster in Franklin

March 11              Heat takes Select for a 5 pt. mjr. at the Music City Cluster 

March 16              Miracle takes Select for a 3 pt. mjr. in Louisville

March 17              Miracle takes Select for a 3 pt. mjr. in Louisville

March 25              Heat finishes GS-O at the TNASC agility trial in Chattanooga

March 26              Heat finishes RS-N at the TNASC agility trial in Chattanooga

April 7-9               Heat' first ASCA Herding trial, Come Bye Mid Tn ASC Wartrace

                           Heat finished STDs and 1 leg in OTDs, Sharol Hathaway handling

May 6                   New ASCA CH! Heat finishes with a 5pt. mjr. at the TN ASC show 

                           in Harriman, Tn. Andrea Hoffmann handling.

May 6                   Heat makes his ASCA Rally debut getting 2 legs in Novice.

May 7                   Heat finishes ASCA RN, then gets an X leg in trial #4.

May 21                 Miracle finishes her RATS title at Happy Dog Ranch

May 26-27             Miracle takes BOB over several specials x 2 in Fletcher, NC

May 27 & 29          Heat takes BOB in Fletcher NC

June 23                 Heat Novice Fast leg# 1,  50 pts. 13.63 seconds

July 1                   Heat gets  AKC Novice Rally leg#1 at NDTC

July 2                   Heat gets AKC Novice  Rally leg 2 & 3 to finish RN

July 7                    Secret QQ# 17 in Evansville, In

July 13                   Secret QQ# 18 in Franklin, Tn

July 13                   Heat Novice Fast leg# 2, 63 pts. 20.77 second 1st place

July 14                   Heat Novice Fast leg# 3 & NF Title 63 pts. 26.19 seconds

August 26               Heat Adv. Rally Leg# 1 Owensboro. Ky.

August 26               Miracle goes BOS in Owensboro, Ky to finish GCh

August 27               Heat gets Select for 1 pt. in Owensboro, Ky

August 27               Miracle goes BOS in Owensboro, Ky

September 22          Heat gets leg#1 Open Fast 73 pts. 2nd place

September 30          Heat goes Select (3 pts.) to finish GrCH Franklin, Tn

October 1                Heat goes BOB/ Gr 4 Franklin, Tn

                                 GrCH total: 31 pts., 5 shows, 6 majors, 8 judges, 7 events w/              

                                 Ch defeated         (2 shows no points)

October 5                 Heat gets leg# 2 Open Fast  2nd place NDTC Franklin

October 6                 Heat  finishes OF title 77 pts. 1st place

October 5                 Secret gets QQ# 19 NDTC Franklin

October 27                Miracle finishes PT Central  Kentucky Herding Group Club

                               High Reaches Farm  Rockfield, Ky

October 28                 Heat leg#2 Started sheep 1st place (97) HIT 

                                   CKHGC High Reaches Farm

October 29                  Heat finishes HSAs  3rd place (91)

November 3                 Heat gets leg# 1 Ex. Fast (76 pts.) 2nd place  MOTC

November 4                 T2B Q (second time entered)   8 pts. MOTC

November 18               Heat  gets leg# 1 Intermediate sheep 1st place 

                                    Rottiewe Farm  Wright City, Mo

November 19               Heat gets leg# 1 Started ducks

                                     Rottiewe Farm  Wright City, Mo

November 24               Heat gets leg# 2 and 3 to finish RA at MOTC

                                       Murfreesboro, Tn




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